Wine 'n Chi

It’s a come as you are event where ladies talk about real life and get to speak from the heart. Soul sisters sipping cocktails and feeding each others’ souls. Connecting us with intention and good vibes only! We will have a guided dialogue on subjects on our own limiting beliefs and how they impact our relationship to spirit, love, marriage and motherhood. An introduction and explanation of mindfulness and meditation will be offered. 

Ask me about doing Wine 'n Chi gatherings in your space.

Wednesdays 9:30–10:45am
The Ratner Museum
1855, 10001 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Move My Chi classes invite you to come home to your body and soul. You deserve it! It's a series of moving meditations, a brief yoga practice which transitions into gentle movement set to music, so that each of us can better align with our energy centers in our bodies. You do not need any experience to benefit from this beautiful journey. We will learn basic yoga asana, but the moving meditation is an organic expression of you.

In a room lit only by candlelight, we move with our eyes closed, our attention turned inwards, and the world of our imagination, feelings, and intuition comes alive.

“Move my Chi” is non-religious, and you don't need any specific beliefs to participate.

All you need is an open heart as we explore in this non-judgmental environment. The majesty of blending free-flowing movements with music and storytelling are the gateways to integrate, mind, body, and spirit.

Every class closes with art, stories, conversation, savasana and tea .

Class is approximately 75 minutes long, once a week for 6 weeks $96 or drop in $18.

One-on-one sessions also available.

Ask me about hosting Move my Chi classes in your space. 


 “Having a body that is like a musical instrument, open enough to be able to resonate, literally resonate with what is coming both from the inside and from the outside, so that one is able to surrender to powers greater than oneself.”

—Marion Woodson


Energy is energy. It's called Chi.

It’s moving and shifting all the time, whether you are having a conversation, sitting, walking, dancing, having a healing treatment, standing on your head, or literally doing nothing.

Chi has everything to do with the physical systems of our bodies and the energy of the universe. The endocrine system, nervous system, skeletal, muscular, immune. It's the pulse that runs through all living beings and inanimate objects. It's pain and wellness, spiritual and mental, positive and negative.

These systems are so complex, and so simple at the same time. It’s no wonder there is also some mystery and magic mixed in. 

I'll host Move My Chi classes and Wine 'n Chi women's circles in your space.

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