The Holistic Actor’s Toolbox

At The aCHIeve Project, we learn that energy speaks louder than words. It is a mindful approach which uses the basic tenants of acting to support the development of social-emotional skills. This program has been peer-reviewed and piloted successfully. We are confident that this is something completely different from classic leadership/social skills programs.

Driven by a commitment to well-being, a class called, “The Holistic Actor’s Toolbox” teaches tools for Life, On and Off the Stage.

There is a trend in ALL types of specialized training to intensely focus on accomplishment. Sadly, this focus does not address or embrace the needs of so many of our kids.

The Holistic Actors’ Toolbox is a new, fresh, mindful approach to the craft where we will empower kids to make connections on how they approach materials in an acting class and then use those said skills to incorporate into their lives.

Art is magical, and that the chance to create gives us a chance to evolve. So this class was created. First step: The Acting component, “The Wholeistic Actor” (fun play on words).

Future sessions add singing, movement and more.

8 Week Session

*On-going enrollment welcome