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What is univerSOULspace? It's a philosophy; the space between two objects; invisible places. It’s the shared space between all of us that we inhabit together. Recognizing this connection supports our good nature.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

You know why I love what I do?

I'm Marni, founder of univerSOULspace and bona-fide creative goofball. As a child I had always felt a little different. It wasn’t until I found theater and dance that I found my happy place. Cultivating my creative nature gave me a language and skill set that has supported me in every area of my life. I immersed myself into this creative mindset which was a world full of passion and acceptance and self study. I started to see the world very differently and more more vividly experiencing my life as blank canvas waiting to be realized. It’s no wonder that I love getting out and connecting with people, hearing their stories and seeing how we all have the same basic desires and needs. I am inspired by helping people get in touch with their fundamental right to peace and fulfillment. I know there is not one singular path that leads us to this happy place, but a succession of choices. I know for many of us that creativity and a mindful approach eludes us for more seemly practical approaches to their wellness. I’m motivated to show people how many different things they can do for themselves and how these simple shifts in mindset can greatly impact one's life.

I created univerSOULspace to fill a need for accessibility in wellness and how it links to our real lives. I personally wanted a space where I could go and feel comfortable exploring the big questions in life that motivated me, and make deep connections for myself: why am I here? What is my life’s purpose, world history, and of course the most important of all, did extraterrestrials build the Egyptian Pyramids? (come on, that would be so cool!) Like so many people I know, I love learning and investigating new ideas and digging really deep into our pathology as humans. And I want it to be accessible and have fun while exploring. univerSOULspace provides these opportunities.

Join me as we connect the dots for all who wanna play this game of life. Let's demystify the mystical.